Reliance RWC 240v Programmable + WiFi Thermostat Black

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Technical Data:

  • 7 days programmable, 15 minutes increments, 6 on/off times give maximum user control and flexibility
  • Inbuilt ambient temperature sensor and further connections for an optional external temperature probe to protect against excessive floor temperatures.
  • Open window function can be selected to stop the boiler firing during short term temperature drops.
  • Adaptive function – thermostat predicts heat up time and adjusts the programming.
  • Freeze protection function, adjustable between 5C-17C to save energy in unused rooms.
  • Heating boost function – 1-9 hours boost heating in case of low temperatures.
  • Holiday mode can be used to maintain low level heating when the home is unoccupied.
  • Anti-seize function – auto exercises the UFH pump to prevent it seizing during low usage in the summer months.
  • Connection to the Reliance Valves app is possible which gives mobile access to system information and settings – so the user can operate and monitor the system remotely from any location. Meets the requirements of Boiler Plus
  • The system is compatible for use with Alexa or Google Home voice control.

The Reliance Valves 240v Wired Programmable Thermostat is a user friendly and stylish way to control the on/off times, set programs and simply adjust the temperature in a room. Specifically designed for underfloor heating applications, and is easily mounted on the wall. The thermostat communicates with the Reliance Valves wiring centre, providing full heating to an individual room. The thermostat is designed to suit a standard sized pattress box – so can easily be installed to replace an existing thermostat. Ideal for new build and renovation applications, the two part thermostat allows for the back plate to be fitted during decoration and the front plate can then be installed once works are completed preventing damage. When used in conjunction with the Reliance Valves app, it offers remote access to your heating – even on the go. A modern and stylish range of high performance programmable room thermostats.

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