GripBond Pro Adhesive Polymer Board Glue 300ml Tube

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Gripbond Pro -A one part, high quality, high modulus sealing and bonding material based on advanced hybrid polymer technology. A totally neutral “hybrid” sealant for use in areas requiring a tough elastic rubber joint or as an adhesive with superior bonding strength. CE certification: EN 15651-1: F – INT.

– High modulus, remains permanently flexible.
– For sealing and bonding interior and exterior applications in all weather conditions.
– Can be overpainted.
– Non shrinking.
– Contains no isocyanates, solvents, silicone and phthalates.
– Rapid curing, Excellent adhesion to most surfaces (even moist surfaces).
– Wet on wet application.
– No odour.

Please note this product is not recommended for use with expansion joints or for installations where the joints are continually immersed in water.

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