Reliance Premium 11 Port Stainless Steel UFH Manifold MANA452011


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Reliance Premium 11 Port Stainless Steel Manifold MANA450511 for use on underfloor heating systems.

Each Manifold is supplied with pre-assembled mounted brackets for easy installation
The return manifold accepts a Electric Actuator Manifold Head enabling individual control loop, this can also be used in conjunction with other loops to create a heating zone, controlled via a programmable thermostat• Each manifold set is provided with 2 x 1″ ball valves, filling and drain terminal fittings
Each manifold has Euroconus and a range of fittings for 12, 15 and 16 mm PE-RT, Pex and Polybutylene, together with 16mm PertAl and PexAl  Aluminium Multilayer pipes
The flow manifold has Taconova flow meters with isolating valves included.

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