Emmeti TM3-R 28132260 Underfloor Heating Mixing Valve + Grundfos Pump

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Emmeti 28132260 TM3-R Thermostaic Mixer Control Group with Grundfos UPM3 Auto Pump
The Emmeti TM3-R is designed to offer excellent water temperature control for Underfloor Heating systems.
The control group incorporates a Grundfos UPM3 Auto 7m pump and a mixing valve with remote phial for accurate temperature, ranging between 20 – 65°C, with the very low temperature which makes it ideal for initial drying of the screed and also gradual build up of floor temperature.
L 32cms x D 23cms x H 9cms
It includes a throttle to increase Kv for larger systems. Compatible with our Type 2 Topway Plus manifold 210 mm centres. Includes 1” M manifold connections with O-ring seals and 1”M connections for primary flow and return. Includes a temperature gauge measuring the mixed flow temperature, manual air vent and bracket to support the weight of the pump. The Grundfos UPM3 Auto 7m pump is ErP 2015 compliant, with 3 control modes and a double de-blocking system. Mixing Valve Kvs 3 – 4.8, 10kw – 18kw
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