Komfort UFH 50m x 100mm Self Adhesive Strip Perimeter Edging Strip – Screed Edge Expansion Insulation Foam

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50 mtr x 100mm high x 8mm thickness Underfloor Heating Perimeter Expansion Border Edging Strip with Self Adhesive Backing, used for expansion of the screed floor to give facility without putting undue pressure on the walls, etc., the underfloor heating perimeter expansion border edging strip is made from polyurethane foam.

The perimeter edge expansion strip should be fitted to all walls wherever the underfloor heating is being installed, our underfloor heating perimeter expansion border edging strip has a PVC apron to enable it to be taped down to vapour barrier to avoid any screed going behind the perimeter expansion strip.  After the screed has been laid the perimeter strip is easily trimmed using the pre-cut tear-off strips.

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