High Output Wet UFH Kit – 50m2 Spreader Plated Timber Joist System

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This UFH 50m²  Spreader Plated Timber System – Wet UFH Kit comes with an Easi-Lay UFH Water Pipe is a top quality European Standard Pipe and well known for it’s flexibility,and it is what it says “Easy to Lay” means making installation much easier and faster to install.

The Easi-Lay UFH water pipe make the laying of the UFH system quicker and easier to install.

The aluminium UFH spreader plates are 1000 mm x 395 mm x 0.5 mm have 2 preformed channels 200 mm apart which carries the 16 mm Easi-Lay heating water pipes.

Weight 60 kg
Larger Manifold for Future Proof?

Manifold as standard, 4 Port Manifold, 5 Port Manifold, 6 Port Manifold

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