28mm Heatguard Underfloor Heating Blending Valve HEAT115002 – Reliance

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Technical data
• UFH Heat guard thermostatic blending valve has an adjustable temperature range of 35° – 60° degrees Celsius.
• Maximum temperature – 90° degrees Celsius
• Maximum static Pressure – 10 bar.
• Maximum working pressure 6 bar
• Temperature stability of /- 2°C
• Connections – 28mm compression
• Floor area 250 m² Max.
This product is fully guaranteed for a period of 12 months.

This is a Reliance Heat guard highflow blending valve also known a mixing valve offering superb temperature control for UFH systems.
The Heatguard UFH blending valve is suitable for systems with floor areas up to 250 m².

The UFH will run at much lower temperatures in the region of 35 to 60°C, depending on the floor construction and the building. The tempering or blending valve is the heart of an UFH system. It blends colder water from the underfloor heating system return with hot water from the heat source to supply the correct temperature of water to the underfloor pipework.
The Blending valve has a water temperature adjustment of 35 – 60 degrees Celsius.  The Blending valve comes complete with 28 mm compression connections.

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