Reliance RWC RF 8 Zone UFH Wiring Centre

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Technical Data:

  • On board RF communication between the thermostats and the wiring center eliminating the need for further wiring.
  • LED lights to show the power, thermostat, pump, boiler, and hot water status so system conditions can be monitored at a glance.
  • Twin connections for actuators for each thermostat zone up to a maximum of 16
  • Dip switches included for all 8 standard zones to stop the UFH pump activating when using the Reliance Valves wiring centre on a system with a mix of both radiators and underfloor heating.
  • All functions fully accessible from the front of the unit with no additional internal link wiring required.
  • Connections for hot water and central heating zone valves.


The Reliance Valves 240v Wiring Centre with RF is an all in one junction box for underfloor heating systems. Featuring 8 zone connections, it’s easily mounted, and with a fully labelled circuit board, is easy to wire. The wiring centre is an essential component to centralize underfloor heating wiring. The wiring centre has hard wired connections for zone valves (for additional radiators or hot water motorized valves), actuators, and pump, with remote connection to Reliance Valves RF Programmable room stats. When used in conjunction with the Reliance Valves Thermostats, Gateway and App, it offers remote access to your heating and your hot water – even on the go.

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