PERT-AL Komfort™ 16mm x 200m Underfloor Heating 5 Layer Barrier White Multi-Layer Pipe

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200 m x 16mm Komfort Multilayer Pert-Al-Pert Pipe with Internal Aluminium Oxygen Barrier

Welding of the aluminium oxygen barrier is a overlap joint which offer a weld width area of 4 mm or wider, unlike the but welded joint which is between 0.2 to 0.3 mm with such narrow weld area this method it has weaker joint.

They are composed of an inner and outer layer of PERT, that are bonded  by a special glue to the intermediate layer of aluminium both inside and outside which ensures the perfect oxygen barrier.


  • Great flexibility
  • No salts are deposited on the inner surface
  • Without electrolysis
  • Small thermal expansion
  • Resistance to adverse conditions (high temperature, high pressure)
  • Wide range of dimensions
  • Easy connection to all connection systems of plastic pipe
  • Guaranteed quality and insurance for their good function
  • 100% oxygen barrier existence

The Komfort tubes AL-PERT are produced according to international standards ASTM F-1282 and accompanied by a certified SKZ for their mechanical strength and warranty of 2.000.000 CHF (swiss francs) and is Manufactured in the European Union.

WRAS Approved

German SKZ certificate strength of plastic pipes in pressure and temperature of water according to German regulations in DIN16836:2005-08 and DIN 16833 for the raw material.

KTW (TZW) certificate of suitability of the raw material for drinking water according to DVGW W 270.

NSF certificate of suitability of the raw material for drinking water according to NSF/ANSI 61.

The Komfort multilayer pipe combines the properties of a metal and plastic pipe and despite it having the flexibility of a plastic pipe and being very lightweight, in parallel has strong properties and provided higher dimensional stability under high water temperature and pressure, minimum thermal expansion and resistance to degradation.”

The Komfort Al-Pert pipe is suitable for Underfloor Heating Systems, Radiator Heating Systems and Domestic Plumbing applications.

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