Reliance UFH Heat Pump System Control Pack UFHC960001

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The Thermoguard allows quick an easy way to install UFH heat pump, A compact prefabricated non thermostatic kit designed to provide a quick and easy way of connecting the circulating pump, flow and return connections onto a UFH manifold. Designed to be used in heat pump or other low temperature systems that do not require a thermostatic control valve. The kit includes a four way connector, a connecting elbow, an ERP rated 7 metre circulating pump, and a flow manifold connection tee piece which includes a ½” FBSP tapping that can be used for reading temperatures and pressures or as a connection point for the UFH Overheat Thermostat. Connections ¾” inlets – 1” outlets

• Grundfos 7 metre pump, ERP rated with easy to use plug in cable connection
• Designed for left or right hand connection
• Designed for side or bottom connection of the flow and return pipes
• The angled flange on the pump connection keeps the flow and return pipes on the same level.
• The thread connections are ¾” inlets – 1” outlets

• Simple installation
• Saves installation time
• Gives the option of adding a thermostatic valve into the “Thermoguard” valve, if system heat sources is changed and a higher flow temperatures is being used temperatures are changed
• Allows maximum flexibility in the installation design.

Working Parameters & specifications
Maximum temperature 90°C
Maximum pressure 6 bar
Maximum flow rate 32 lpm

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