Emmeti 9 Way UFH Manifold & FMU3 Floor Mixing Unit Grundfos Pump


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Emmeti  1” FMU3  Floor Mixing Set with 10 Port Underfloor Heating Manifold 

The Emmeti FMU3 manifold and control group has been manufactured for use with underfloor heating and other central heating systems.

The Emmeti FMU3 manifold has been factory tested to 10 BAR Pressure and includes a thermostatic mixing valve with sensor, high efficiency Grundfos UPM3 Auto circulating pump with a 7m head, temperature gauge, integral automatic air vent and non-return valve for simplified system filling.
The manifold has a double regulating flow regulator and lockshield valves fitted to the flow bar.
The return bar includes seating for electrothermo actuatorto be fitted which can range from 24 v to 230 v with both 2 and 4 wire models.
The mixing valve assembly is designed to supply a set mixed temperature from 20˚C to 65˚C which will suit a wide range of applications.

This pump set is one of the very few available in the UK that complies with the building regulation requirements for the low temperatures required in the initial commissioning of underfloor heating of screed floors.
The manifolds can be used as a multiple zone heating systems or as a single room heating system.

This Floor Mixing Set with Heating Manifold comprises of –
Floor mixing group with low temperature underfloor heating manifold with flow regulators, Grundfos UPM Auto 7m head pump and pipe connectors of your selection.The Flow control valve balances the flow rate across the system whilst achieving the right balance across the system and allowing the correct temperature drop across the floor heating system.



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