Confused about which underfloor heating pack to choose?

We completely understand the confusion that maybe caused by so many different underfloor heating systems available on the market today. Warm water underfloor heating is a much more practical option than electric underfloor heating and often costs less to purchase, install and run.

Electric underfloor heating usually fitted under tiled floors and are often used just as tile warmer, rather than to give you the correct amount of heat output for the room.

The benefit for using warm water underfloor heating you can have the choice of your heat source form that of a traditional boiler run from gas, oil, solid fuel, bio-mass and even electricity. You can also use an heat pump sourcing its heat from the ground, water or air, and also solar panels.

The Underfloor Heating system can be automated using our Energymizer programmable thermostats and offer you individual room control with both comfort and economy setting to suit your personal requirements.

These systems are easily to install and designed for installers or DIY customers, systems suitable for just a single room to multi-rooms and multi-zones.

Are you unsure ? just give us a call on 01600 710909.

If you are unsure as to which system would be suitable for your sub floor and top floor finish, please call us and speak with one of our consultants.

It may be that the packs that you see may not be suitable for your requirements, please feel free to contact us,  so that we can provide you with the system suitable for you and the property.

With our underfloor heating we know that the running costs can be up to 40% lower than that of a radiator system, yet underfloor heating offers you a healthier and more comfortable heating environment and it eliminate the issue of where you can position your furniture.

Are you still unsure ? just give us a call on 01600 710909 and we will be pleased to help you decide.

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